My style is warm and natural.  I appreciate human connection and relationships.   When photographing, I try to keep my camera settings set while always paying attention to lighting, composition, lens focus, and human emotion. My goal is  to document the beauty of the life as it naturally occurs.  I take pleasure in portraits and work to weave these in throughout a candid images to tell the story of an event.  

I've been drawn to photography throughout my life.  In college, I spent hours in the darkroom and loved watching photos come to form.  In 2013, I started photographing friend's weddings and became hooked on the documentation of people's story.  From there it's been a beautiful journey of growth and development, taking me to incredible places and introducing me to amazing people.  

Along with photography, I also teach 4th grade in Washington DC.  Whereas photography keeps me  present and focused on the beauty of this world, teaching develops my spirit.  

If you are browsing this page in search of a wedding photographer, and feeling a connection to my work, please feel free to reach out.  I would love to learn more about you and your celebration while sharing more about my approach and overall work flow.  

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